Values & Objectives

Our Vision

A society in which women and men have equal opportunities to freely participate in and benefit from decision-making processes for the country’s social economic and political development.

Our Mission

To inspire courage, solidarity and confidence in women and girls by advocating for the enacting of gender-responsive laws, networking and role modelling.

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Hard work
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness

Our Objectives

  • To provide a forum for discussion on matters affecting women;
  • To promote and help sensitizes all Parliamentarians on the principles of gender equality in the country, within the SADC region, the Common wealth as well as other regions worldwide;
  • To facilitate the effective implementation of projects on gender issues;
  • To encourage and mobilize women’s participation in all issues pertaining to national development, and to promote self-reliance and economic independence among women;
  • To facilitate networking with other organizations and institutions within and outside the country, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) , business and intellectual communities in activities aimed at promoting gender equality and participation;
  • To research on issues affecting women and to make recommendations thereon;
  • To promote peace and stability in the country as well as to contribute to the democratic process.