The Zambia Women Parliamentarians Caucus (ZWPC) was initiated and established in 1992 by 8 women parliamentarians in a House of 158 MPs. It was formed as a voluntary group of women that decided and agreed to work together, complement each other, support and reinforce each other. The initial purpose of forming the caucus was for the survival of women in a male dominated House, in terms of strength, influence, power and accomplishment. This caucus made itself visible, practical and helpful to both female and male Members of Parliament. For instance, it organized a gender training and held a workshop on population development for all MPs. However, in order to win male parliamentarian’s support, the Caucus took on their desires by lobbying for computers for the National Assembly. The first Chairperson of the ZWPC was Dr. Inonge Lewanika.

The ZWPC formalized in light of the resolution endorsed at the southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Seminar held in 1997 Windhoek, Namibia, under the theme: practical Gender Equality from Dialogue to Action. The resolution urged women to form networks within their parliaments and with other stakeholders in order to work towards the advancement of gender equality and issues in national development. Following the resolution, the ZWPC which comprises all women members of parliaments of parliament from all political parties represented in the House was established on 27th March, 1997.